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    LIGHT, Found Art Tuesday June 12, 2007



    I am not a "list" person. This has made me bump heads with my husband (aka "The list maker") so many times. Everybody else I know makes lists of all sort of things. I would love to make lists, I mean, I have lists in my head of stuff I need to do.  I occasionally make a list to go grocery shopping, but that's about the most complicated list I would make. I like to do things on a whim. I guess what happens to me is that I can't assign numbers to things that I want to do. Once you write it down, it becomes so real, almost tangible.

    I know there's not a good excuse to forget the things you need to do AND not make a list of them, maybe that's why I forget things frequently.

    This card is about making a list of things we can't forget to do now that it's summer. It is the first one I've made, and you may wonder why I started with a 7 and not with number one. Well, seven is my favorite number, and who says you need to start with number one anyway? shouldn't we give the opportunity to other numbers to be head of the list?

    I tried something new for this one and drew a self portrait cartoon of me (See the big hair? that's how big my hair gets with this kind of humidity and heat!) she's supposed to be taking in the sunlight, but for some odd reason I drew her bowing or something, I would have redrawn it but I try never to remake these piece of found art because that's part of the experiment. Let my inner artist take control, you never know what interesting surprises will come out.

    I used a card from a playing deck, tissue paper, watercolor paper, watercolors and pastel crayons.

    I am leaving this at the gym this afternoon!

    I will post the links in a little while! :)

    Reader Comments (2)

    Very fun! The cartoon turned out really cute. You are so multi-faceted!

    June 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKathyl
    Ahhh, I love her gentle little face! I'm also a whim person, but I have many list-maker friends and family...just adorable!
    I've been in the middle of exams so I'll be back in doing some art in a couple of weeks. Meantime I love seeing all the amazing things you and the others come up with!
    June 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterShauna R

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