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    Master of my Domain!!

    llave.jpgHello everyone! I want to share with you the good news! I am now master of my Domain! (any Seinfeld fans?) so basically this means my new website is  yeeeaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! (got rid of the "squarespace")  it'll be easier to remeber, I'm sure, (at least for me!!) thanks to my friend Carlos Becerril for all the technical help!

    mi chiquitin

    benjamin 1.jpg

    my little one, with your big eyes you are discovering what it is to be here and I am discovering it with you again.  you saw me today like never before telling me how you wanted me to hold you, this had never happened before but to us it felt natural, I know you and you know me, and one day you will no longer be mine, I am thinking too much about that instead of just having you now, with your little feet in my hands and your smile in my heart. 



    little prince.jpg"PLAY" For Illustration Friday this is a painting I did based in the book "The Little Prince" He's in his planet playing with the flower, wondering how to explain to her he needs to go somewhere else and find happiness (my interpretation, anyway)

    I try to make new illustrations every friday for IF but this time I had a good reason no to...., (see my previous post)

    good week everyone!


    Time Stand Still !!

    stand still.jpg


    There are so many things to do, and so many things to see, I find myself dwarfed by all the artists I see here and there, so many blogs to see, time isn't enough! I find myself sleeping less and less reading and reading, looking at all this art, inspiring yes, but oh I feel so sad.. so many swaps I want to enter, so many things I would like to learn how to make, so many workshops, so many great ideas, and also, so many things I have to do in the day... the kids, the cooking, the picking up, the boo boos, the driving here and getting there, the gym, the play dates, the playground, the pool, the day is for everyone else, the night is for me, so I sleep less and less... and yesterday I went to the doctor and found out I needed a tetanus shot... a tetanus shot!!!??? can you still get tetanus these days? the nurse said yes, it's everywhere, the bacteria lives in every corner of your house (her exact words) yikes! so there I was, getting a tetanus shot, small tears came out, I don't know why. and today my arm hurts, and my head hurts and my whole self needs comforting and a reason to think it's all worth while. and now I need to go be somewhere and do things, like every other day, so off I go, and I will try to remember I can't enter (and keep up with) every yahoo group with the word "collage" in it,  every art swap, every juried exhibit, every gallery call, if I want to sleep a little bit... cause everything else is not winding down, there's gonna be messes and boo boos and cooking and laundry and cleaning and folding laundry, that's not stopping anytime soon.... and thank God for that, I love my family and taking care of them.

    have a nice weekend everyone.


    My process

    la sirena.jpgA few people have emailed me asking how I start a painting and what materials I use.  (all 2 of you!)

    Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've prepared a file you can download from my website to see step by step how I made this particular piece. Just look in the menu where it says "downloads".

    This is a Journal cover I made using a loteria card (a game in Mexico, cousin to Bingo), an old 50 peso bill, tissue paper and acrylic paint.

    Here you can see the overall process I follow. This is a small piece, however I've used the same technique in larger formats and different media like canvas and wood.

     My first attempt on teaching! I hope you like it,  please let me know what you think of it! 

    ps, I just noticed I have my mother's hands... I never thought it would happen to me, but it did...


    bird, captured


    captured.jpgThis week's theme for illustration friday is CAPTURE. The first thing that came to my mind was a caged bird, but even more dramatic... a bird with his wings sewed shut.  This is a quick card made in a menu from one of my favorite cafes, Cafe Mia I love the gelatto! it's 5 x 5 inches.

    I plan to leave this in one of the tables in the cafe as "found art" to find out more about found art, you can go here.

    I used acrylic paint, pastel crayons and black marker, also I used a postal stamp from Mexico with a design of an iron gate, adding to the feeling of capture. The eye is a lens from a disposable camera... (I find inspiration everywhere!)