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    Safe for Illustration Friday

    When I was a little girl I used to feel that the safest place was in my mother's arms, and now that I am a mother, I feel the safest place is with my daughter and son in my arms.


    it's ready!!

    flyer cafe mia 72dpi.jpgYesterday we hung all the paintings and everything's ready for the exhibit! They look great! I'll post some pictures soon.

    Here's the invitation I desgined for the artist reception. I was hoping we would get free gelato for the opening but sadly... no.  :(

    Please come by if you're in the area! the reception is on friday sept 8.

    how exciting! see you there!

    To see the virtual gallery go here



    flores 6x4.jpgThis is another new piece I finished this week for my exhibit next week. I tried different colors than the ones I usually use, I started with burnt umber for the background and I have never done such a dark background before! It was interesting to try and balance it. The green card is a piece of the Cafe Mia menu (It's supposed to be a close range picture of  gelato), and then I glued tissue paper with green bubbles on top, which gave me the idea to do something a little more organic, that's where I thought about the green leaves and the pieces of the disposable camera give it a mechanical organic feel. I also used a piece of Italian lire and when I saw the little head floating there, I remembered Claudine Hellmuth's work,  I've been wanting to try the way she works collage, so I gave this Italian governor a little robe (a little afeminate, maybe, but his hairdo doesn't help him either!)

    I haven't had any time to finish my ideas for Illustration Friday, I hope I have time to post something later this week!



    matches 6x4.jpg













    This is my collaboration for Illustration Friday, the theme this week was "MATCH" and since it's already Thursday night, (almost midnight) I'm not even going to bother submitting it to the IF website!

    I had a busy week and I've been working on new paintings all this week,  last friday I met with Marco, the owner of Cafe Mia and I am going to show my work there starting next week! wow! I'm really happy to show my work there, it's that kind of place that inspires you, the interior decoration is very modern and of course, the gelato! what else do I need to say!!

    The "match" piece is acrylic on stretched canvas (12 x 16 inches), the general idea is to show different matches (you know, girl+boy, king+queen) in a tarot card kind of way... and of course, the matches that light your fire (come on baby light my fire...) I also used cut out wooden pieces of a girl and boy and real matches. I'm still not 100% happy about it but I generally feel this way with new work and after a few days of looking at it and adding little details I'll feel it's completed. (I hope!)

    This is another one I just finished a couple of days ago, it's called "Gelatte" (Gelato+Latte, I made that up, but doesn't it sound good?!) I am really 100% happy about this one (it's two days and extra details now completed!) and I can't wait to the opening!!

    I'll post my other new works for this exhibit in a few days, have a great weekend!

    gelatte 6x4.jpg


    I hate photoshop

    I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.... I loved freehand, I also liked corel, but photoshop?? I just don't understand how it works, all the layers! what are you suppose to do with the layers? why isn't there and UNDO button in Photoshop? How are you supposed to copy paste in PS? I just hate it!! it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to make the banner.... ugh!


    how my found art got me a *possible* solo exhibit!!

    captured.jpgSo you may remember this card I made for Illustration Friday, a couple of weeks ago, and I decided I would leave it in Cafe Mia as found art (I used their menu as a canvas!) well, I did leave it there, and let me tell you what happened...  I took really good care not to be seen by anyone and left it in this little island they have to hold napkins, sugar, etc... and I sat down a couple of tables away (how could I resist to see who found it?!) so after a couple of minutes, the manager sees it, reads it, turns around to see if there's anyone there, and then goes straight to me and asks me if I knew anything about it!! oh no! I'm busted!! at first I said I didn't know anything and then just said, "ok, ok, it was meeee!"

    anyway, I got a call today from the owner!! he saw my work and wants to talk to me and see if I can show it in the cafe!! (insert very happy-jumping-around emoticon here)  I'm really excited about this! I'll let you know how it went!

    I'm also preparing a packet to submit to this gallery maddis gallery here in North Carolina, they have a really good collection of southern artists and I would love them to represent my work! I have to submit it before Sept 7! so much to do!!