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    oct 3 2006: HOME

    paletas de colores.JPGBeing here in Monterrey again has reminded me of so many good memories from when I lived here, the smells, the food, the mountains, my family, my friends, the language... it's been 6 years since I called this city home and everytime I come back I'm home again. It's the everyday things I miss most, sometimes even the traffic, (and believe me, anything can happen when you drive here, people seem to think they can really drive anyway they want and that red lights are optional!)

    For two weeks I was home again, I was a little girl again, I had to worry about nothing, I know this is what vacations are all about, but it really feels so good to be able to have a place to go to and feel really free. So this is why I'll be making something that reminds me of home, what home should feel like and what it is for me.


    Found Art sept 26: KEY

    key.jpgWhat comes to your mind when you think about a key? Sometimes you need to know where they are, and sometimes you know where they are but don't know what they're for. Last week my daughter was looking into her daddy's wallet when she found a lonely key. What is it for, she asked... he said (as a joke) "it's the key to happiness, I always carry it around in case I need to use it someday".  The real answer is that he had forgotten what it's for.

    What would you do if you really had an actual key, you know the metal kind, copper or zinc or whatever.. and know you could use it in case you needed to find happiness? where could you use it? would you use it to win the lottery? or in your body  should you needed to be healthy again? I don't know what I would do with it but I think I would be too scared to use it, you know what your mother always says about being careful of what you wish for because it could come true.

    Maybe I wouldn't keep it for myself but then, who to give it to? and why? and what for? is anyone more worthy of it?  This is the question I release to the world today. I will leave this card tomorrow in the passports office where I have to go get my new one.. It'll have the post it note that says "read me".

    I don't know if I'll be able to take a picture of it, but I'll definitely try!

    Go check Kathy LaRocco's entry for Found Art Tuesdays, here:

    Kathy LaRocco Found Art Tuesdays


    Topic for next Tuesday sept 26: KEY

    Thinking of ways to make the found art pieces more visible so that people would take them, we thought about putting a post-it note on it that would say something like: pick me up! or, read me!, or it's for you! This reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland book where Alice falls into the rabbit hole and founds herself in a room where the only way out was a tiny door and after not knowing what to do, she sees in a table a little bottle with a label that reads "drink me" and she does! how else could she have known she needed to drink the contents of the bottle had it not been for the label on it? In the table she saw a key that would help her open the door. So maybe this is the solution that would help us as found-art activists to connect with unsuspecting people and make them understand that these pieces are meant to be taken! the message is for them, whoever founds it!

    So this week I'll make a card with the theme of a key, there are several ways to take this theme, the key that opens doors, the key to success, a music key, the key to happiness. I will then put a post it note and since I'm in Monterrey, Mexico right now, I will write "leeme!" (read me)  I will have to repeat the post it experiment once I go back home to see how people will react...

    have fun! and please participate with us!!


    Money! (and my great grandmother)

    money.jpgHello everyone! First of all let me apologize for not posting this sooner, but I just arrived to Moneterrey last night, very late, one day later than I was supposed to!  it was the worst trip including cancelled flights an overnight stay in a hotel in Dallas and a lot of screaming travelers in the airport... not to mention two really tired little kids, but I managed to leave my card at the airport in a telephone booth and I was worried someone would see I was taking pictures and I could get in trouble... but no, they had better things to do with all the bad weather and cancelled flights!

    In the card I glued a 25 cent coin and a picture of me with my great grandmother when I was 3 months old! It reads... "When was the last time you talked to her? Take this quarter and call her"

    I hope someone found it. I saw a couple of people that sat at the booth and looked at it but didn't picked it up, the following day I was back at the airport and the card was gone, so I hope someone got the message and called their grandma, it would be wonderful!



    In other news, last Saturday I had an interview with the Huntersville Herald, a local newspaper, they wanted to make a story about my art in the exhibit at Cafe Mia and the Found-Art project! I'm so happy people are interested more and more about this!!

    Check out this contribution for the Found Art project by Kathy LaRocco:

    Money By Kathy LaRocco


    Change (for Illustration Friday)

    the louvre.jpgFor Illustration Friday today I thought about small change in my pocket, 5 pesos might be a small amount (about 50 cents U.S.) but back when I was 4 years old (about the time this coin was circulating in Mexico) it could get me so many wonderful things, a balloon or maybe a lollipop, back then I thought my Dad was the richest man in the world, he would give me 5 pesos every sunday and I could spend it in whatever I wanted. And at the same time I also thought my mom was really poor cause whenever I asked her for something in a store she would say she didn't have any money, so even back then the world seemed like a strange place.

    This collage is about the way money can be an important part of life, it can define people and the things they're able to do, if someone crazy has a lot of money and has a crazy idea, it may very well get done sooner than later. This is the way wars work, I think... it's almost always about money in some way or another.

    What does money means for you?

    Topic for next tuesday sept 12:  MONEY

    I've had trouble with my art being picked up by people around it, so I've been thinking about something that would get them to look at it and pick it up, something that make them think it's not just a piece of paper lying around... so I thought well, what's the only thing that people would pick up even if it's all dirty and even covered in mud? Money! a coin or a dollar bill... so I'm not going to wrap my card in dollar bills, but I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a real coin in the card and make people think they're picking up the coin and then realising the coin is glued to this paper that happens to be found art! (yes, I'm using money as bait!) people, you leave me no choice!! :)  If you are a collage artist, it'll be easy to use some kind of currency in your art, of maybe you can use the theme of money and illustrate it in some way, the way you feel about money, and about other people's money, the feeling you got after your very first pay day..... there's a lot of possibilities here, so have fun!

    If you want to participate,  please email me the link to your website or blog after you have documented your found art piece. Have a good weekend!

    PS, I'll be traveling to Mexico this weekend, and I'll try to leave the found art piece in the Dallas airport (I have a 4 hour layover) I'll try to take some pictures and  hope I don't get in trouble!