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    Second Tuesday of the month!

    I started working on next Found Art Tuesday piece, and I don't have a lot to share right now, just a few pictures. I am so excited about the project this year, and I have recieved some fabolous emails from people who want to join the project too, so I am looking forward to it even more. Something special about it is the way we can motivate one another through art, so not only we reach the person who finds the art, but all the readers of the blogs who participate too. Send me a link and I'll post it here.

    So if you're thinking of joining, please do! Second Tuesday of the month! oh yeah! can't wait!


    The Return of Found Art Tuesday!



    If you remember Found Art Tuesday, it was a project I began a few years ago where I was making art every week and leaving it in a public space every Tuesday for someone to find and keep. I learned a LOT form that project, first of all, how making things feels good. I learned that it opened me up creatively and was a way for me to keep motivated and to experiment with things that I would otherwise wouldn't do, because they would seem weird, or pointless, or strange. (read: Not sellable) . It was a real creative time for me, exploring new techniques I haven't tried before. See I was too scared of what people might think, I was scared that I might not be good enough. But when I detached myself from the outcome and just released it, well, it was liberating. I miss that. I also miss all the encouragement I received from the extraordinary online community, I did not anticipate that.

    It's been a while since then, and oh how I enjoyed having that project and posting it here in the website and how it made me accountable.

    So I thought a good way to start 2012 would be doing art again, just for fun, just to be left out somewhere to be found. They say you should set your goals to be manageable, so this time I thought I would make ONE painting every month, that doesn't sound too overwhelming, does it? even with a two month old baby I know I can dedicate ONE painting a month to the project.

    I am shooting for the second Tuesday of the month. And yes, I know we are in the third week of January, but there are not 4 but FIVE Tuesdays in January, go look at your calendar and you'll see! And besides, January is always like a month of Mondays, so it's though and slow, and uphill....

    This time I will also let you know before hand where I am leaving them, so that if you live close to Huntersville and you want to do a little scavenger hunt, you are more than free to go find it! I will let you know the place and time when I plan to leave it so you are welcome to go spy on me, or even say hi and we could end up having coffee!

    Ok, so here is this month's piece:

    There's No One Else Like You


    acrylic and collage on wood


    There is really no one else like you, don't be afraid to be you, I've learned not to be scared of being me, life is too short!

    I will leave this tomorrow Tuesday at 9:30 at the Starbucks in Gilead Rd. here's the address: Starbucks Rosedale

    See you then?



    New year, yay 2012!

    Happy new year! Are you as happy as me that we're getting back to the daily routine? I Love Christmas but I also love the structure that comes with doing day to day things. At least I get more things done when I am more organized!
    These are two new rings that I made this week and it felt really good to spend some time making things, I'd forgotten what a lot of fun it is to sit here and get some work done
    I have been thinking of a new project and I already started, I'm really excited about it and I am trying to get it together before telling you about it here, I'm looking forward to a really creative 2012!
    What are your projects for this year?


    Earring display

    Beautiful display of my earrings and prints at Donna Downey Studio
    love it!


    Look what I made!

    And we are so busy right now just trying to get enough sleep



    So guess what? I just wrote the longest and most beautiful and inspired blog post ever and I know you won't believe me because it got erased! Poof, gone! I should've known better than to write a post from bed and on an iPod but I thought i'd give it a go and see how this squarespace app works and if it did then I could come back here more often and do some more sharing. Obviously I should be careful on what buttons I push because it can switch to another window and erase everything!
    Well anyway as I was saying in that other inspired post, I'm still here! Very busy growing a new little person that enjoys playing soccer and gymnastics all night long (Hence the 2 am post from bed) and also very busy with the pre-existing two little persons who also need lots of attention and love.
    I've missed writing here but I also haven't. It's hard to explain, I miss the connections but also feel relieved that I don't HAVE to be posting every other day of even every week like I used to do ( a long time ago I know)
    But sometimes I feel like that little girl dressed as a tap dancing bee from the Blind Melon video (No Rain?) and how everyone laughs at her until she finds her own tap-dancing bee people in a field?
    I sometimes feel like that and I miss you my bee tap dancing people! Don't forget about me please!
    I've been making lots of new things but haven't been very good at documenting them. I've painted furniture, made new rings with polymer clay and handmade stamps and an acrylic wash that I think are awesome! Also lots of earrings and necklaces with hammered silver and aluminum, very fun to make... But I've been thinking about starting a new project that has some sort of cohesiveness and purpose. I've been very inspired by pinterest, it definitely does not disappoint in project content, I just need to figure out what I can do and when. Like a friend once told me, I want to make all these new things without letting go f the old ones and it is so true in my case. I need to enjoy the moment more, be in the moment, not worrying about how I'm going to solve problems that are not here yet and not feeling sad about closing cycles when it's time to.
    But anyway, everything is well in Murillo island, I hope you receive this message in a bottle and that you are well and happy. We are so lucky to be alive, and to be alive together and at the same time! What are the odds, right?

    Ok. So wish me luck, I'm pushing the save and publish button. Cross your fingers so it'll make it!
    Here we go!