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    Free found art wood blocks

    These are two cedar blocks I left as found art last month. It's been more challenging than I thought to keep up with found art and a new baby AND the kids out from school. But it's been a great summer! I will make another post soon!

    San Antonio

    We went to Texas last week and it was glorious!

    I will go there again at the drop of a hat, I love you Texans! (the people not the team, although I have nothing against the team.. anyway...) People were friendly, the food was outstanding. A good chunk of my family was there, and a very good chunk of my husband's family was there too. They traveled from Mexico to the baptism of Max, it was great and awesome and so much more.

    It was a good trip. I find myself in a trip high that I don't want to end, so here are some pictures that can summarize the week somewhat.

    PS, I did have a found art piece post that I don't know why got erased from the site, or never got posted. I was posting it from my iphone so that might have been the reason why it didn't work.. I'll have to re do that then soon.






    Found Art Tuesday March 2012

    Happy second Tuesday!!


    Today I am leaving this postcard size drawing somewhere... I just don;t know where yet, I'll update you later in case you want to know and go look for it.

    It's a drawing that instead of me writing something I am asking whoever finds it to write something on it and mail it back. I have written the address to my PO Box and added a stamp, all you have to do is find it, write something and pop it into a mailbox.

    I cant wait to see if she ever comes back.

    More pictures and an update after I drop it off somewhere.

    Happy Tuesday! Did you leave anything out today?


    Ring love

    I wanted to share with you some new work I've done. I have a soft spot for making rings even though I don't wear that many. I'm experimenting with resin in jewelry and I'm in love with it!
    I've done resin in rings before but not like this, it's soo pretty and translucent.


    Little wooden squares

    I have big plans for this bag of wood squares I bought last Wednesday...
    These will be used as found art


    Found Art Tuesday February 2012

    Tomorrow is Found Art Tuesday and I'm getting ready to leave this painting tomorrow morning when it dawns on me that's it is valentine's day also. Oooops... I did not make a valentine themed Found Art piece. no red. no hearts. no chocolate or teddy bears. I completely forgot about it because I do not "get" valentine's day. Maybe it's because I don't like it. Why do you need to ask your husband/boyfriend that he celebrates you and how much he loves you on one specific day? better do that all year long! But now I am starting to get more philosophical than artistic and I know that's not why you came here. So... art! Found Art Tuesday, where where we? ah yes...

    So this is the piece I made for this month: JUST BREATHE

    Just Breathe....

    This specific girl keeps coming up in my paintings, maybe she has something else to say, maybe she likes to be drawn, I don't know.. but sometimes she feels right when nothing else did. I gave her a name, Alfonsina.

    But see? Not very "valentiney" is it? So I felt bad and while cursing at Cupid... made this:

    So now I have a heart necklace and a painting for Found Art tomorrow. I still don't know which of the two I will use, but definitely one of them will be waiting with a note in a table at Earth Fare in Huntersville tomorrow morning. Which one of the two would you like to find?