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    100 Drawings Day 5 

    Searching. Watercolor on paper

    100 Drawings Day 4

    Watercolor on paper. THANKFUL

    100 drawings Day 3

    Watercolor and India ink on cold press watercolor paper. 140 lbs. Grow

    100 drawings Day 2

    Watercolor on paper 35 minutes Charlotte house Something that comes easy for me is drawing houses. Note that I did not say that I do it well, its just easy because I have practiced a lot. A LOT!

    100 drawings in one hundred days (or so)

    So the summer is finally winding down, the weather is getting colder and for a few weeks I've been unhappy with what goes on when I sit at my table to paint. The kids are back at school, the older ones at least. But when I sit down at my table and try to make something I almost always feel disappointed of what I end up making. I can't find my direction. For a while I feel like I'm making the same things over and over, I feel stuck. I have been trying to come up with new ideas, but I'm feeling creatively dry. I don't know where I am going, what do I want to make, to paint, I have a million ideas but somehow aren't what I am looking for.

    When I saw at Summer Pierre's blog that she starts a new project today, 100 stories in 100 days, I thought what a great idea that was. I always have liked the structure of a project with beginning and end. A few years ago I tagged along another project where I made one drawing everyday for 30 days. It was really interesting for me because painting something everyday made me find a new style of drawing that I really liked. Go Here to see a few of the drawings I did for that project.

    I read somewhere (and I wish I knew where) that sometimes insipration will come to you from another source, that you have to be listening because you never know what will give you the push you need, and to me, that push came from the project Summer starts today. So even if I feel bad that I did not think of it and that I am a thief of creative ideas (sorry Summer! who by the way, was very cool about me stealing this awesome idea, thank you!!), today I start my own 100 something project.

    100 drawings in 100 days.

    and in case you are wondering It has been done before. If you google 100 drawings in 100 days you will find TONS of other people who have already went through the process, and it was wonderful to see the transofrmation from the first few drawings to the last!

    So these are my rules:

    No more than 20-30 minutes per drawing.

    Any medium, it doesn't matter, just draw something will ya?

    Unaltered and full disclosure of the drawing in the blog. No photoshopped anything. It's ok to have an ugly drawing.

    So Today's drawing, #1, is the new banner of the blog, watercolor on paper. I don't love it, but there it is. un-altered messiness.

    So wish me luck! and see you tomorrow!


    looking for water


    I have been avoiding my own blog like The Plague! And if you have a blog too I know you understand me too. It sometimes feels like such a chore, right? There are a thousand other things in your life that need to get done/washed/cooked/fed/put to bed. In my own particular case the thing that turned my world upside down was a tiny human being that demands attention. More than I remember that they needed. Tons of it. And it is SO MUCH FUN and I do it wholeheartedly with all my love,... but... I do need to do other non motherly things, and I have been thinking of this little space more and more as months go by.

    And another reason why I have avoided the blog is because I promised myself this year I would go back to doing found art regularly once a month, and of course, FAIL. I feel terrible terrible. But there it is. It is done. I didn't do it and was inconsistent. but instead of thinking about it in a bad way, today I am choosing to think about it in a good way. I want (and am ready for) start working more consistently. Yay!

    I've been inspired this last couple of weeks, first because I was re-connected with the power-woman that is Jessica Brogan. Brave brave lady and her blog is so full of inspiration, go check it out!

    I am in the process of looking for my copy of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. Noticed how I said I am in the process of looking for it... yes I don't know where it is. If I cant find it! I will I will...

    And second, you need to go see this site: Jamie Ridler Studios. I was looking for a support group online where I could find some excercises in creativity and reached out to my inner circle of creative friends in -of all places- Facebook. and the awesomess Summer Pierre pointed her way and OH MY gosh it's exactly what I was looking for. I am sure there a tons of other sites that give you an encouraging nudge the right way and I am open for all of it!

    Please let me know which are your favorite places to get inspiration -and water- from, I am thirtsy!