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    San Antonio

    We went to Texas last week and it was glorious!

    I will go there again at the drop of a hat, I love you Texans! (the people not the team, although I have nothing against the team.. anyway...) People were friendly, the food was outstanding. A good chunk of my family was there, and a very good chunk of my husband's family was there too. They traveled from Mexico to the baptism of Max, it was great and awesome and so much more.

    It was a good trip. I find myself in a trip high that I don't want to end, so here are some pictures that can summarize the week somewhat.

    PS, I did have a found art piece post that I don't know why got erased from the site, or never got posted. I was posting it from my iphone so that might have been the reason why it didn't work.. I'll have to re do that then soon.





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