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    September Create A Day, Day 4

    I painted this drawing over the weekend to leave as Found Art on Tuesday, and even though I strugled a little, I finally did finished it!

    First I sketched one of the main buildings of Davidson College in pencil and started adding an acrylic wash of green to the trees. It ended up being a huge mistake, the green was all wrong. It was too bright and I couldn't fix it with darker green, it was just not working. So I step away from it for a few hours, not giving up on it completely. After the green was dry and I felt in the mood again to work on it, I decided to start over and painted the trees white, but I could still see some green underneath, and it looked as if the trees had snow in it, so I started scraping the white off here and there to reveal the green and somehow, it worked.

    The building came about pretty quickly. I think the perspective is OK, and also the scale and proportions are right, even though it was made in a short amount of time... considering how long other paintings take me.

    This painting was left as Found Art last Tuesday at a coffee shop that sits right in front of this very building. 

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