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    Doing the FAT thing on a Wednesday!


    Just finished this week's piece of Found Art! It is a lucky charm, I've had an idea of making charms for a while but I couldn't think of something interesting to make, until I found this small mint tin box lying around and then the "aha!" moment came.

    I took off the lid and made a small collage with different papers, letter rub-ons and a little drawing with black india ink. I also used a date stamp of May 20 2008 (this last Tuesday's date). I added a ribbon and a tag with the Found Art Tuesday flick group address (just in case someone tries to find out more about it) and that little cameo thing is a button.

    I sealed the collage with epoxy resin and since it looked so shiny and I wanted a more aged look, I tried to "age it" by scratching and poking it with a wire when it was just about set, then I added brown acrylic paint.

    I have to say that the thing I like the most about it is the picture above. I used a "cinemascope" effect I found at an online photo editor called Picnik, (thanks to sk8ordiehard for the link!) that effcts makes anything look cool.

    Here are a few more not so cool pictures. I am leaving this today at Starbucks! 

    687371-1586123-thumbnail.jpg 687371-1586129-thumbnail.jpg


    Reader Comments (3)

    Snap! I have posted my found art pieces today as well!

    I think all of your pictures are cool! And the little tin you decorated is very cool too!
    May 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterUndaunted
    I love this piece. I took a "class" one time in doing resin work, and have this mission in me to make some specific pieces, in jewelry, but I can never seem to find the base pieces to work them in. There was a cool tutorial linked on craft about working in resin here
    Also, thank you for sharing picnik too. I recognized the name from picture editing on flickr, but I didn't know you could take your pictures to their site and use so many awesome tools there. I'm in heaven.
    May 21, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterrobyn
    Rosa, are you alright? I'm waiting for the next found art theme! I hope you're just really busy and not sick or something.
    May 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterUndaunted

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