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    Hello Internets!


    In In-case you are wondering if I am ok, Yes, I am still here, and if you're wondering what's happened to this week's topic for found art Tuesday, well, I have decided to give you guys this week off, the reason being: ME SO BUSY! Because, if you remember from one of my past posts, I've got a new computer! Yes, it's so exciting and I can't stop talking about it, but the one thing that bothers me is that I need to upload TONS of new software all over again, and then try to discover how to plug the printers and scanners and actually make them work! (I am sad to report that my faithful scanner did not make the cut and is now labeled "obsolete" my the new operating system, so I have to still use my old computer just to scan the images and then send them via email to me so I can edit them,


    I hope this is temporary and that I find a way to make everything work more smoothly), and this is one of the reasons why you haven't seen my found art piece for last week. Sorry about that! (And thanks so much Undaunted for checking in on me, I am still here, and taking pictures, I took a few of a new painting I did for a collaboration I was invited to do by Pacha, for her Holonic Art Movement Project, so check them out here!

    But anyway, here is last week's found art for the topic of "History" I wanted to reflect on how our past guides us on the present and future, and how it is our "heritage" and we have some responsibility to know our History, I used an aztec calendar for the background and a japanese samurai, (I am NOT half japanese, in case you were wondering)
    Of course it was all too deep, and I don't really love the way this one came out, but I do have to say that it is OK if I don't love it, this is what the project is about... experimenting. I tried more collage and less drawing and I do feel it is lacking some more pen time, it needed more time, I think... but the idea is to not be too attached on the outcome, so there it is. I kind of feel yucky about it, but I had to document it and share it.

    Thanks Undaunted for rediscovering art with us and participating with this week!

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    I've only just started joining in and we're given a holiday already! (I wish school was like that!)

    Thanks for letting me join in, it was really great fun! We had loads of laughs trying to leave it without people seeing us!
    February 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterUndaunted

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