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    Ok, so finally here it is, this week's found art for the topic of "Twist".

    This is a collage and acrylic mixed media thing, an "everything I have in my studio thrown together in layers" project. The support is a piece of cardboard I had lying around. I like the sturdiness of cardboard and it makes a great support for acrylics once you lay a little gesso on it. I also like the brown color of cardboard. I applied gesso and later the image of me drinking coffee. But of course it is not me, since I cut it from something I got from a Starbucks. But I think it looks like me, and I could be her, drinking coffee with such devotion! After the gesso I used watercolors, and I really recommend you try it because watercolors react so wonderful with gesso, they don't get absorbed by the paper so you can play more with the shadows. I also used colored pencils, black india ink, and little yellow papers cut from the same flyer from Starbucks.

    The caption on it says: "It is always better with a twist" I was thinking of a coffee cup I had in Mexico recently, they have this latte with rompope on it. It was very good. 

    Sometimes I think that there's too much coffee references in my work. Am I ashamed of it? heck, no! I wish I was discovered by Starbucks and asked to do some illustration for them, that would be my absolute dream job. Or maybe one thing I could do is sell some of my work to a coffee shop in need of some good illustrations? Do you know any?

     It took me so much longer to finish that what I had anticipated, and it may very well be because my almost 3 yr old little polka dot decided when we came back from Mexico, that he will no longer require "The Nap" and if you too have small children, you may understand why this is like a little end of the world, and I have no spare time AT ALL. We are all readjusting at this new routine, so until then, we kinda never know how the day will be.

    I also took lots of pictures of the process of making this one, including me using the kemper pen, I have uploaded them in ipernity because flickr just doesn't like me, all they want is for me to get a pro account with them,  so I found ipernity and they are really fast to upload pictures, you also have a blog and multiple albums! yes, that's right! as many albums as you like! woo-hoo!

    Have a great weekend!, and don't forget I will be announcing the new topic for next week in a little bit....

    Thanks Kathy for participating this week! you are a trooper! 

    Reader Comments (4)


    Neat piece. I loved the step by step pictures. Very appropriate work for a lover of coffee. Sorry to hear your 3 year old is growing up!

    February 1, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkathyl
    I added my "twist" art piece to the blog today :)

    So cool to see how we all interpret the same word, love the challenge of it.
    February 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjafabrit
    Very cool - and I loved seeing your process!
    February 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercynthia
    Love this collage art piece Rosa, it's fantastic! I just stare at it and smile. :-)

    Tell Mexico hello from me, I wish I was there.
    February 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenteriHanna

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