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    Found Art Tuesday July 31,2007: CIRCLE


    For this week's topic of Found Art Tuesday (ahem... I mean last week's topic that got postponed after Harry Potter decided to charm away every free second I had) I had to fight against the idea of the "Circle of Life" I kept hearing Hakuna Matata of some kind of music from The Lion King. Ugh...and I don't even like the movie. I wanted to focus on the positive things about circles, how perfect they are! A mathematic wonder. And there are rules, of course, the radius, diameter, etc. I know all of this but I was more intrigued in exploring my experience with moving in circles. See, I like to go through things over and over again. I have heard it's a woman's thing. I analyze and over analyze almost everything I do or have done. There are some things that I can't find an answer to and I have learned in time to just let them go. Things that I have no control over, must be let go. But it's so difficult when you think there's still something you could do about it, Maybe it's not too late, if I could just wrap my mind around this thing, or that other one, hanging over my head as I try to sleep tonight, will it make any difference? Will I be a better mother if I understand all my differences with my own mother? will it matter if I never truly absolutely agree and understand her? What if I stop worrying about what I have done and see the road ahead? This for me is hard because there are so many variables that can't be controlled by anyone so that I can't determine what it will be like to move ahead. It's like looking at a white new paper, sometimes I am afraid of ruining it if I use it.  But this is only trying to find the ending point of the circle: there is none, and if I keep moving in all these circles I may never move ahead. I don't want to choose the circle, I want to be on a road that leads to somewhere. That somewhere will be so much more interesting and enjoyable that just sitting here wondering if I am brave enough, the hell with the white paper! this is what it was made for.

    Today as I release this card I am moving forward in a few of the things that have had me running in circles for a while.

    It's made in scrapbook paper 6" x 4" (can you believe it?! I bought scrapbook paper! with the intention of actually using it for scrap booking! what's next? "have a nice day" rubber stamps  and little metal embellishments? well... maybe! )  for this one though, I used colored pencils and white paint.

    The text reads "A circle has no beginning and no end" and in the lower right "Why waste so much energy looking for something that does not exist?" I am hoping it will make some sense to the one who happens to find it!

    Robyn is back doing Found Art! and in a really cool way too!

    go see!!

    Reader Comments (3)

    You go girl! Scrapbook paper...oh you are moving to the dark side!..No just kidding. One of these days I am going to post some of Kaitie's 8th grade scrap book pages. I keep saying I will do that. I use scrap book paper a lot for my collages. I draw my faces on them and then paste away!

    August 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKathyl
    Que lindo Rosa! como todos tus trabajos!
    Pregunta tecnica: A que tipo de papel le llaman Scrapbook paper?
    Un beso y gracias por tu email!
    August 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commentergeorgina
    Hi, Rosa! I love your found art this week and your thoughts on circles. I often feel the same way. Running in circles instead of moving forward.
    August 2, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermelanie

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