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    Found Art Tuesday July 3 2007: BLUE


    This is what happens when you soak all of the blue of the sky for yourself. An angel is born, out of an egg. If they have wings it's because they're close relatives with the birds. I'm sure you knew that. At least that's what's happening in this little card. This little angel is coming out of her egg and soaking the all blue.  Blue for me is a color of peace and calm...

    It's an acrylic painting with markers and some collage. I plan to leave this today somewhere between my chaufering my kids all over town to swimming lessons and camp, and every other errand under the sun.

    Lately I've been making only little cards for Found Art, I would like to make assemblage boxes again, or some more complex projects, but right now I'm up to my neck in work! (I'll post pictures soon! along with the things I've received on the mail, I promise!) I'm trying to finish all the details for the show, the un-fun stuff like framing, painting the edges of the finished paintings, and also a commissioned journal I have to deliver TOMORROW! it's a pink journal, and I loooove pink, even though I don't use it in my work so much because I used to think it was an un-cool color for a serious piece of art, but I'm over that now. And besides, my name is Pink. Literally, it is. Rosa in Spanish is "rose" but it's also "pink"

    Ok, moving on...the links...

     I have great news for Found Art Tuesday! We have two more participants for the project! yay! and welcome!

     Pierina she's made A BOOK! hard cover and all, it's really amazing. (from Argentina!)

     Rosie's found art! she's made a decoupaged clock, it's really beautiful!

    Kathy La Rocco, Mood Indigo: my sentiments exactly.

    Please remember to email me if you are participating! I wouldn't like to miss it!

    Reader Comments (1)

    Hola Rosa! gracias por tu comentario sobre mi cuadernito. La verdad me gusto mucho hacerlo, espero que quien lo encuentre lo disfrute y se interese por la idea.
    Me gusto mucho tu tarjeta!
    Suerte con los preparativos de tu exposicion.
    Un beso grande!
    July 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgina

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