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    Found Art Tuesday June 19, 2007: FATHER


    This is my grandpa. Abuelito Benjamin.

    When my husband saw this drawing, he said that he doesn't look ANYTHING like my grandpa, and he is absolutely right. I don't know how this  happened but  he looks mad...

    But well, I drew him out of honor and respect, as a prominent father figure in my life, he has always been strong and with a great character. But I will try to redraw him later with the kinder expression he really has.. cause he really looks pissed...

    My grandpa is the best father I know.(Of course not counting my very dear husband who is the greatest father for my children that I would've ever dreamed of)

    He gave me away at my wedding (my grandpa, not my husband, of course... but you knew that), and I love him very dearly. We are so lucky he is still with us, and he still gets up very early in the morning everyday, takes a shower, makes coffee for him and my grandma, and at the late hour of 7 am he goes out of the house to do all kinds of errands. He is quite something else.

    We named our son after him because I thought it would be the greatest honor for us. He was a little surprised by this but he is so happy to have his first great grandson named after him, his face lights up whenever we go visit him in Mexico. (and so do ours too!)

    Te queremos mucho abuelito, feliz dia del padre!

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    Reader Comments (2)


    I don't know what your Abuelito looks like but from your painting, I know that he is a man of great character. Thank you for sharing part of his story. Como se dice Benjamin en espanol?

    June 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKathyl
    Abuelito guapo! He looks very distinguished:)
    June 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterShauna R

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