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    Found Art Tuesday May 22,2007: MOON














    If you believe they put a man in the moon, you can also believe they will open a Starbucks soon. I can already see it being named "Moonbucks".

    Now, don't get me wrong, you know how I looooove starbucks, I totally buy the whole -happiness packaged in a cardboard cup- thing, they make you feel good about spending 5 dollars for a coffee that costs 95 cents across the street at the gas station. Still we love our Starbucks. At least I do, it really influences my art (haven't you noticed? :) Maybe historians will look back at these period of my art and call it: "the coffee obsession period" :P

    We are so used to buying the brands and falling for the merchandising. I am guilty of this, I admit it. I watch TV,  see the commercials and fall for the advertisement. I am amazed at the marketing industry, they can basically tell you what to buy and at what price, and we will most certainly will.

    moon2.jpgThis is a coffee cup from, you guessed.. starbucks! I painted a moon where the logo used to be. I painted it red because sometimes when I don't know how to start and I feel blocked, I just go and paint it all red. It makes the paper (or in this case, the cup) less intimidating.  Blank paper scares me because sometimes I feel that I might ruin the pristine virginal white, but since it's red, it's ruined anyway, so I feel more free to draw whatever I want, which usually ends up in something I like.

    I used some collage and found papers, and I hung a key chain tag where I wrote "this is free art".

    I enjoyed working in something else that just plain paper, which reminded me that literally "The world is our canvas" it just needs some gesso-ing and you're all set.


    Sorry you guys for posting this today instead of yesterday, there's lots of things going on at the same time, including a broken AC in a 85 degree house. (which is part of the reason why these pictures were taken outside! :)

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    Reader Comments (1)

    We even have Starbucks in New Zealand so I guess the moon is next! I love how you use items from popular culture for your art, it just goes to show that art is whatever we want it to be.
    The only thing about the Starbucks here in NZ is that they don't serve the big vende cups of various blends...only lattes and I hate lattes!
    Another gorgeous piece! I missed doing one for moon, but I'm back in for "Close"!
    May 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterShauna R

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