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    Found Art Tuesday Oct 16,2007: SEED

    Ok, One day late, but I finished my found art piece for "Seed" I made a painted little tin box, you know how I love these tins. This time it's not an Altoids tin but a little mint tin box I got from the local Bank of America lobby. I wanted to take more than one but I was shy about it because I don't really like the mints inside, I usually eat one and throw out the rest. I know, how awful of me, but I don't like mint! If anyone is interested in getting the mints, I can send them to you! just email me and I will put together a little box with all the mints I would otherwise throw away  so I can use the tins. And if you like the mints and throw away the tins, please send them my way! I have recruited all my friends to save all the tins they can, and right now I only have a couple of them, so if you like altoids or any other mint that comes in a tin box,please save the tin for me!
    Ok, so I started thinking about seeds, gardens, how seeds fly away in the wind, portable gardens, and I thought of making a small portable garden. I used regular bean seeds, like the ones kids use in kindergarden to grow a plant in a Gerber jar and cotton balls. Did you ever made that experiment?
    I painted it green, my favorite color lately, added some cotton, three bean seeds and wrote a little note with directions on how to use it.
    1.  Add Water
    2. Watch Grow
    3. Enjoy your private garden
    Note: The "growing part" may take a couple of days
    I added the note just in case whoever finds it wonders why the seeds aren't sprouting instantly. 
     687371-1098494-thumbnail.jpg 687371-1098497-thumbnail.jpg    687371-1098510-thumbnail.jpg687371-1098507-thumbnail.jpg687371-1098503-thumbnail.jpg
    Please visit Kathy LaRocco and her new lovely  found art piece, there are lots of good things happening to Kathy lately, for example, her work got accepted at a very good venue for an exhibit, (WOO-HOO Kathy!!! Congratulations!) and as it happens sometimes to all of us, she feels doubtful about her work, when in fact, it's these kind of  things that should make her realise how good the art is.
    I find myself wondering these things sometimes too because it's one thing when you do art only because you enjoy it and then to have it juried by someone else, who we think may have more "qualified credentials" to evaluate our work, we feel we might not meet the expectations. When I find myself thinking about this, I try to put it all into perspective and remember that everyone has their own taste, and of course not everybody will value my work, the important thing for me is the constant struggle to better my technique and to think deeply about the meaning of the piece, to be made with good materials and to think through all the details. Is all this making any sense? What I want to say is that I want to make my art be better with every painting I make, to be satisfied with the work I'm doing and experiment a little bit with every new project.
    Ok, enough rambling, thanks for reading, and welcome back to Found Art Tuesday (and sometimes Wednesday!) 

    Reader Comments (3)

    Thank you Rosa from the bottom of my heart...It is nice to hear that you sometimes have doubts too. Your seed work is too fun. And yes, I did that experiment several times over the last 3 - 4 years with the kids.

    October 17, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKathyl
    hola Rosa!!! que hermoso tu "jardin portatil" :) muy buena idea. Yo no llegue a hacer nada, estuve dibujando y trabajando mucho. Aparte me voy unos dias de viaje y no me dio el tiempo como queria. Me alegra que estes superando tu "problemita de PC". UN besote enorme, espero participar del proximo!!
    October 17, 2007 | Unregistered Commentergeorgina
    Your work is so inspiring! I have already emailed my friends and hope to do similar things here! I love your little seed box - it looks so cute all wrapped up with ribbon and a tag.
    January 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie Star

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