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    Found Art for today, Jan 9, 2007

    judgement front.jpgThis is "Judgement" in case you haven't seen it from last week.

    We left Mexico and all it's bright colors and warm people last Saturday morning. I had two cards I needed to release, and I left the first one inserted in a public phone at the Monterrey airport. This was the "New Year" card I had it too long with me and it pleaded me to let it go but I couldn't find the right place. I didn't wanted to bring it back home with me, so this was my farewell to my Mexico lindo y querido. I didn't see who took it but I can bet whoever saw it thought it was a used up phone card. I hope they kept it.

    The "Judgement" card was left in another telephone booth this time in the Charlotte Airport. No pictures this time because by this time the camera was in a suitcase somewhere. (I saw two people who used the phone and saw the card but didn't take it) I couldn't leave it in the Dallas airport because we had a 45 minute connection flight and we barely made it, after going through customs, and changing to one terminal to another, remember we also have two kids, one stroller,  one diaper bag, a princess backpack a parrot and one ironing board...(I'm kidding about the last two)

    I have so many pictures of our trip to Monterrey, and I'll post some of them later I just need to see which ones because they're so many I took. Have a great day!

    new year telefono.jpg

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