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    found art tuesday jan 16: FAME

    fama 3.jpg

    Fame is something so subjective and and still it so alluring to everyone, we all wanted to be popular in high school  and even now we still want to be the one your friends call when they need someone to talk to. The real question I want to ask is... What are you prepared to give in exchange of fame? Your integrity? To make my point about the subjectiveness of fame, I want to share something with you, I have a really very famous relative that you might not have heard of. Why? because she's famous in Mexico. Not famous... she's actually adored in Mexico. Her name is Maria Felix For the sake of comparison, she's like a Katherine Hepburn. She was a big big movie star in the 40's, was friends with Frida Kahlo and lots of important people. She is no more. This is fame. You are, after a while, all that's left of you is the name. fama 2.jpgI knew her personally when she was alive and I thought she behaved like a crazy person. I was only 12 when I met her and I didn't knew much about why she was acting like this crazy woman who believed she was so great. This has been my only encounter with someone famous, and being a kid my train of thought was simpler, I wasn't blinded by the expectation of meeting her. I just knew my aunt Maria was an eccentric and crazy woman. I still believe she was really full of herself.  So let's return to today. After reading the article on USA Today on how Gen Y is not concerned on how they're going to become famous, they just wanna be famous, I thought about making an amulet, you see I grew up in a superstitious place. Even though I don't believe in these things myself, I know there's people who do believe, and I believe in the power of suggestion. So I made this talisman that is supposed to bring fame and fortune to the wearer. I was going to make a list of instructions to use it, all made up by me of course. but I thought that would be going too far. I know nothing about magic or voodoo, it scares me a little, and this is why I wanted to explore it too. I think this Found Art experiment is about getting a reaction from someone, confront them with something they didn't expect, make them think a little. To me this is art. Not drawing perfectly or having good technique. (but it does help a little)fama 1.jpg So this is an amulet that someone will find in a table somewhere (I will let you know where) and if she's a little curious, she'll open it and find something unique inside, three matches attached to a card that has a doll, red and green yarn. What will she make of it? she'll turn it around and read it's an amulet for fame and fortune. Will she keep it? will she be afraid to take it? I would be absolutely terrified to take it. I would think it's absolutely genuine and that it was prepared by a gypsy in a Carnival (again Stevie Nicks dancing in circles to "gypsy") and that if I take it I'll be followed by a good luck elf, and do I really want an elf following me around?

    Ok, so maybe I have lots of imagination, but what would you make of something like this? This is what art to me is all about. fama front.jpg This is how I made it. The tin box is from those starbuck's mints, it was an orange tin that needed lots of paint to loose the terrible color. I sanded it and painted with a few coats of acrylic paint. The card is from a Spanish deck, a king with the number 12, this is why this is amulet number "12" and the doll I wish I could tell you I made it but no (my husband brought it for me from Guatemala. They're called "Worry dolls" you tell them your worries at night and they make them go away by morning, isn't that sweet?) There are three matches, did you notice the one burnt out? I was going to write an instruction note that would mention how you need to light a candle with one match and then pass along the amulet (so that the person who found it would think she was caught in he middle of an interesting story) the green and red yarn I've seen in the markets in Mexico being used in amulets, you know, to tie down the devil, to defend against envy or "evil eye", etc... I think it came out pretty real-looking. fama back.jpgI hope the one who finds it doesn't look me up because if he/she thinks it's the real thing, they'll get disappointed in reading all this. But something for the one who found it.. you don't need an amulet like this, since you are so lucky to have found it!

    Reader Comments (2)

    This is so very cool! What a neat idea. You need to come leave it somewhere in McHenry, IL. :))))
    January 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKathy L
    oh that is so cool!! someone would be nuts to leave it...but they may be uberhonest like me Y turn it into the cafe manager, thinking that someone lost it and would come back looking for it.
    January 20, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterbarbe

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