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    oct 3 2006: HOME

    paletas de colores.JPGBeing here in Monterrey again has reminded me of so many good memories from when I lived here, the smells, the food, the mountains, my family, my friends, the language... it's been 6 years since I called this city home and everytime I come back I'm home again. It's the everyday things I miss most, sometimes even the traffic, (and believe me, anything can happen when you drive here, people seem to think they can really drive anyway they want and that red lights are optional!)

    For two weeks I was home again, I was a little girl again, I had to worry about nothing, I know this is what vacations are all about, but it really feels so good to be able to have a place to go to and feel really free. So this is why I'll be making something that reminds me of home, what home should feel like and what it is for me.

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