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    Topic for next Tuesday sept 26: KEY

    Thinking of ways to make the found art pieces more visible so that people would take them, we thought about putting a post-it note on it that would say something like: pick me up! or, read me!, or it's for you! This reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland book where Alice falls into the rabbit hole and founds herself in a room where the only way out was a tiny door and after not knowing what to do, she sees in a table a little bottle with a label that reads "drink me" and she does! how else could she have known she needed to drink the contents of the bottle had it not been for the label on it? In the table she saw a key that would help her open the door. So maybe this is the solution that would help us as found-art activists to connect with unsuspecting people and make them understand that these pieces are meant to be taken! the message is for them, whoever founds it!

    So this week I'll make a card with the theme of a key, there are several ways to take this theme, the key that opens doors, the key to success, a music key, the key to happiness. I will then put a post it note and since I'm in Monterrey, Mexico right now, I will write "leeme!" (read me)  I will have to repeat the post it experiment once I go back home to see how people will react...

    have fun! and please participate with us!!