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    Topic for next tuesday sept 12:  MONEY

    I've had trouble with my art being picked up by people around it, so I've been thinking about something that would get them to look at it and pick it up, something that make them think it's not just a piece of paper lying around... so I thought well, what's the only thing that people would pick up even if it's all dirty and even covered in mud? Money! a coin or a dollar bill... so I'm not going to wrap my card in dollar bills, but I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a real coin in the card and make people think they're picking up the coin and then realising the coin is glued to this paper that happens to be found art! (yes, I'm using money as bait!) people, you leave me no choice!! :)  If you are a collage artist, it'll be easy to use some kind of currency in your art, of maybe you can use the theme of money and illustrate it in some way, the way you feel about money, and about other people's money, the feeling you got after your very first pay day..... there's a lot of possibilities here, so have fun!

    If you want to participate,  please email me the link to your website or blog after you have documented your found art piece. Have a good weekend!

    PS, I'll be traveling to Mexico this weekend, and I'll try to leave the found art piece in the Dallas airport (I have a 4 hour layover) I'll try to take some pictures and  hope I don't get in trouble!

    Reader Comments (2)

    I'll be on the look out, I neeeed money! ;-) Will try to participate another time when I have more hmm.. time...

    I hope you have a great weekend in MExico, I dream about goign there some day. Thank you for your great mail also!
    September 17, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterHanna
    <b>How much does a Draped Bust coin make up cost?</b><i></i>

    (Sorry for my Eng) I ask a beau to see if it's true he said it is, placid a collage professor i met said so. It's in enthusiastic word, even-handed the top communistic piece is kinda scratched.
    How much do you about it's worth? picture of coin is here:"

    <a href=><img></img></a>
    February 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChuncatty

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