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    lost (and found?) art

    well, I left the card in an envelope in my local YMCA, in the treadmill I used.... of course I stayed and watched to see what happened when someone find it! I got really excited when this old lady hopped in the treadmill and stared at it. And of course she didn't open it, she must've thought someone had forgotten it, even tough the envelope read: FOR YOU! how much clear do you need to be? she even picked it up and turned it over, where it read: YES IT'S FOR YOU! OPEN! and of course she didn't and left it there again. She finished her workout and left.... bummer.... I'm sad

    I imagine I'll find the envelope tomorrow in the lost and found bin. So what have I learned?

    1. No more envelopes, it creates a barrier and people aren't comfortable opening someone else's mail (at least they think it's someone else's mail)

    2. No more YMCA, I need a coffee shop or a place like that, as my husband politely pointed out:)

    3. I need to write something in the back of the card, like.. "this is found art" or something like that, spell it out for them, they don't expect it and that's the point.... but I wanted it to be absolutely anonymous so they don't know why they found it or who left it there...

    I hope I have better luck next time!


    UPDATE: I looked for it in the lost and found bin in the ymca and it wasn't there, did someone take it or is it in the trash?? well, I'll never know, and I'm ok with that...

    Reader Comments (2)

    Hi. I followed your link the in found art group to your site, and I have to say I've enjoyed the visit! I particularly like your acrylic/collaged work--something about the colors, architectural and geometric elements, and emerging shapes.

    I smiled to myself when you said you placed your own art-to-be-found in an envelope, because I recognize the boundary/do not trespass issue in people and thought that it might present an issue. I have left art-to-be-found out and about before. I think many people are afraid to pick it up! (I need to stick around though, like you did, and watch people's reactions. Good idea.)

    I enjoyed your blog. I'll be back to visit... best wishes!

    August 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDivine Synchrondipity
    Es una idea super divertida, buena y es una manera dea hacer el arte accesible para todos. seria interesante que las postales tengan tu pagina web para ver si quienes la encuentran te contactan y cierran el circulo.
    September 7, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterirene clouthier

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