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    so fun

    5.pngI'm having so much fun making this website! i've been uploading pictures of my work and it's made me look back at the beginning and see some things I like and some others that have improved over the years. My first works lack good techique and I daresay they came apart after a few years... I've had to learn by trail and error a few things about collaging and paint. The most important thing I learned is.. Oil and glue don't work toether vey well!

    When I first started painting I did it beacause my mind was so filled of thoughts and ideas that needed to become tangible, I painted beacuse I needed to paint, I thought about nothing else, so there are pieces that are not very well planned, not surpisingly now I see them as one of my best ones even though I didn't thought it back then. Sometimes I would try to make a sketch in the canvas of how the paint should look like, choose the colors and try to follow a plan... of course that didn't work! It became something completely different, and that's when I started to give in the inspiration and lisen to the materials, now that is the way I try to work, and leave the canvas talk and say what it wants to be done.

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