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    Found Art-Nov 7 2006: FLOWER

    flor de tabaco.jpg

    When I thought about "Flower" for the theme, I was thinking more on a spiritual idea, I had just came from praying the Rosary where we believe each prayer is like an offering (like a flower) to God, I wanted to go along this line, a more spiritual flower, if that makes any sense.. but there's something going on in my studio where I believe a duende makes himself at home. There's no translation to duende that I can think of. It is a serendipity experience. When I was in Architecture school and we were working late in a project, sometimes things would start to disappear and then appear right in front of you when you weren't looking, or you might loose a scale or ruler and find it half an hour later in the bathroom or kitchen, for example. So maybe we were tired and didn't know where we were leaving our stuff, but sometimes we would joke and say there was a "duende" taking stuff and hiding them just for laughs. And since I started painting again a few years ago, I found my duende hasn't left me, he still likes to hide things and sometimes he leaves me things out for me to get inspired. For example, this project I worked on for Found Art Tuesday, I was looking for something to use as a base, maybe watercolor paper or something, and then came across this cigar box lid that was sitting in my desk. I made a cigar box project last week (More on that on a later post) but had no idea where the lid went to, but there it was in my desk, with a label on it that reads "Flor de Tabacos" (Tobacco Flower) could this be a sign? So I used it as my canvas and thought of what the tobacco flower might look like, in case it has one.

    I used acrylics and black marker, I wish I had more time to keep fine tuning it, but this is part of the letting go part of the project, to be more free, so here it is. It's 7 x 9 inches, the lid is made of wood and covered in wonderful labels and paper ribbons, I liked the feeling of it. I will be leaing this somewhere today, and will let you know where later!

    Reader Comments (2)

    thank you for visiting me! and thank you for your inspiration. i have long thought of "leaving" art for others, but kept it on a back burner until i saw your project. i love the fact that you create a singular precious piece each time ... and YES! document each one! i hope to join in and do a Tuesday with you soon!
    November 8, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterbobbi s

    Love la flor! I am always amazed by your creativity!

    November 8, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKathy L

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