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    Found Art Tuesday Dec 5, 2006: DECEMBER

    Tomorrow we're finally moving all our furniture and everything left to the new house, and since we still haven't got cable or phone, I will be off the air for a couple of weeks, in Spanish I could tell you that No voy a circular unas semanitas ni surfear el internet  "I won't circulate" and that's a funny expression, but true. I will be static in my own city and I will only go as far as my car can get me, which is a really small area in comparison. Today starts December, my favorite month in the whole year, this month we have Christmas, new year's and my daughter's birthday, it's a wonderful month, I'm sure I'm not the only one who waits the whole year for December, getting together with friends and family you haven't seen in maybe the whole year, shopping for presents for almost everybody you know, or in my case making presents for almost everybody I know. People seem to be in a better mood this month, we feel the circle of the year about to close, and of course we get to wear those puffy and cozy sweaters with the Santa and snow flakes (I know there's one in your closet too) So even if I can't manage to post next Tuesday I'm sticking with the project and I will make something that reminds me of why I love this month so much. Have fun and if you want to participate with me, let me know!

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    Hola Rose,
    just stoped to say hi, looking forward to see you real SOON.
    x o x o
    December 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterOliver

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