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    Found Art Oct 3-2006: Home

    home.jpgGoing home for me is more that just getting in a plane or driving a few hours, it's traveling to another country, having to fly in two different planes and one whole day to get there. And when we finally do, the colors hit you so brilliantly you need to open your eyes very wide to try and see everything and not miss anything, I open my ears more because I can hear the sweet Spanish words in the familiar accent I love, it seems that people laugh more, look at one another  more, hug more and touch more than they do here.

    I need to look at people more too because wherever I go I just might run into someone I know and I wouldn't like to miss the opportunity to see them, hug, say hi, and hear how their life's been since I last saw them. Every time I go, new babies have made their way so this is an important part of my trips, go and hold the new baby, say hello to the proud mothers and grandmothers and see the older siblings, so different from the last time I saw them. As my god-daughter too, and see how much she's grown.  The flavors, the music, the streets, the beautiful mountains, so many things that can't get processed as fast as I wish, and when it's time to get back you can only think about all the things you didn't have time to do, the aunt you didn't have time to see, the friend who you couldn't reach, the new restaurant you wanted to go but decided to go to your favorite taco place instead (for the fourth time in two weeks!) So many people to say goodbye to, your grandfather in the hospital the night before you leave. The longing to be there and yet, the longing to be back at your own home, your own bed, the familiar routine that makes me so happy.

    So now we're back and it is so good to be back, I read somewhere that home is where your life happens, and even tough I know this is true, home is also the place where there's always a chair waiting for you and someone to give you a hug and just smile.

    This is the card for found art Tuesdays I was supposed to leave yesterday and will be releasing today. I still don't know where, I'll keep you posted!

    It's 8 x 5 inches with collage of a map and a drawing of one of the chairs my mom has in her kitchen.

    I also wrote my old address I used to have back when I lived in Mexico City where I grew up, where I have the fondest memories of home.



    Reader Comments (1)

    So I guess that's why we say "mi casa es su casa", cause you'll always have a chair waiting for you at my place, anywhere, anytime in the future, single or married, always.
    Rose, thank's for visiting us and giving us the chance to spend time with you and the kids. Enjoy your life right where you are, but try to come as often as possible!! bitte!
    dein bruder
    October 5, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterOliver

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