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    Oct 25 2006: SECRET

    Have you visited the Post Secret website?  It's a place where people anonymously send their secrets written in a home made card and some of them will get published in the website every Sunday. When you read the secrets, some of them seem really familiar, somehow it makes me feel a little less alone...I found out about it about a year ago, and never gave much thought about it. Then about 3 months ago I went to the website and noticed that the address you send the postcards to, was about 1 mile of where I used to live in Maryland! Of course if I had noticed the address before I would've driven by just out of curiosity, wouldn't you? but I no longer live in Maryland, so too bad.

    Anyway, I DID send a card. I couldn't resist the idea of doing it, I had to think about something that would be true and I had never shared with anyone. I can tell you I felt better after sending it in, even though it never got published in the website, I felt strange about writing it down and having someone else read it. It was a little liberating too! I feel that whatever was bothering me about my secret is over now, and now I can move on. And in case you're wondering, No, I'm not telling you here what it was about, I don't even have an image of the card I made, although I must say it was pretty.

    So for next Tuesday, guess what? I'll do a little combination of Found-Art and Post-Secret. I'll think about a little secret of mine, maybe something I'm not too ashamed of, but it has to be true, and make a found art piece out of it. It'll be fun! maybe this time if it's something too personal I won't write my name, and that way it can be completely anonymous and therefore more freely done. But I'll post it here, so.. mmm... we'll see. It will be an interesting project.

    So, what do you think? Will you like to participate? If you do, please document the piece in your blog and send me the link so I can place it here too!

    Thanks! have a great weekend!

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