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    Found "Coffee"

    Coffee top right.jpgLast night I was checking my e-mail and I got a message from Susanne. She has given Coffee , my found-art piece, a really nice home. I was so happy! this is the second person who have found something and then have the interest of looking me up in the internet and contacting me. I only wrote my name on the back of the card, not the website, so she had to do some googling to get here. Thanks Susanne for the nice comments! here's the email she sent me:

    hey rosa!
    my name is susanne and i found "coffee" at birkdale village today!  i was so excited and I LOVE IT! i was walking around birkdale with my in laws and saw it.  i am going to frame it and hang it in my kitchen by my coffee pot.  i love the idea of what you are doing---how fun to do!  when i told my mom that i found some art work she laughed and said you were probably on candy camera about taking things not belonging to you.  can't wait to tell her it was mine for the taking!  i got online tonight and googled your name and found this website!  "coffee" means so much knowing where it came from.  thanks again and i love the picture!

    Isn't this great?! yay!!!!

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