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    Oct 17 2006: COFFEE

    Last night I was playing with my daughter with these rubber ducks that we use in her bath, and one's supposed to be the Mommy and the other's supposed to be the baby, and while she was pretending to feed them, I asked her what should we feed the little baby duck and she said that baby ducks love tomatoes, chicken, capers and cake (all her favorite foods) and then I asked what should we feed the mother duck and she said "the mommy duck only wants coffee and it's her favorite thing in the whole world" ok... so you know how they say that children learn what they see at home? ok, I will admit I have a very close relationship with coffee, I have tried EVERY ONE of the different varieties in Starbucks, if I see a new coffee place I haven't tried before, I make a mental note to pay them a visit. And as you may have read here, I'm almost always leaving the found-art pieces at some coffee shop, so yes.. I LOVE coffee, I won't drink it all day, but boy, isn't it nice to have a big cup in the morning?

    So for next week lets do a card that has something to do with coffee, have you tried using coffee to paint? it has a great color in watercolor paper, (yes, I've done it before!) what does coffee make you feel? maybe you feel all jumpy with the caffeine, or maybe a relaxing moment? do you drink it on your way to work or do you sit down with it and read the paper? do you like the smell of it? do you prefer it hot or cold? sugar, no sugar? milk? they all give a different feel of the same thing! think about the whole experience of having coffee and then get a cup, make some art and have fun!

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