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    What do you mean by "Found Art"?

    The term Found art describes art created from objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a mundane, utilitarian function. In this project "Found art" is redefining the meaning and the participants create art to be left somewhere for others to find.

    Is this anything like "Guerilla art"?

    It's exactly the same. It's just that the word "guerilla" has, to me, a violent connotation I prefer to avoid.

    Why is it on Tuesdays?

    I love Tuesdays

    Do they have to be collages or paintings?

    No, it can be anything from a recipe, a picture, a poem, a painting, a good luck charm, anything

    Are you really leaving these pieces of art out somewhere?


    Really, really?

    Yes, really really.

    Where do you leave these found art pieces?

    They are left anywhere I can think of... cafe tables, park benches, trees, parked cars. Anywhere that I think they can be seen and found by someone who happens to have their eyes open.

    Are people finding them or are they being thrown away?

    Some have been found, some may have or may have not. I will never know, and I'm ok with that. It's part of letting them go.

    Why do you do this? Is it a way of self promotion?
    It's a way to connect with other people, to share art, to make them notice new things around them. I also like the idea of releasing art and working in new techniques and experimenting with new topics and processes. If it brings people here to see my other work, it's also nice, but it's not my intention.

    So you are doing other things besides the found art project?

    Yes, I am a mixed media artist. I have exhibited in a few galleries in different countries. I use collage, acrylic and assemblage.

    Where can I see more of your work?

    You can see my work here, here, and here

    I like your project, can I participate too?

    Yes you can! It's open to everyone!

    How can I participate?

    Every Friday I will post a new topic for the following Tuesday, you can make something and post pictures of your piece in your blog and talk a little about what it means to you, how you created it and where you will be leaving it. Then send me an email or leave a comment on my blog so I know you have participated that week and I will post a link to your website so others can see your work too!

    I suggest you leave a piece of paper, tag or post it note along with the art so that who finds it realises what it is and keeps it.

    What if I make the found art and then keep it to myself?

    You could and no one would know, but the found art fairies would give you a lot of bad karma.

    Can you send me one of your found art pieces?

    No, things made for this project are meant to be left out in the world. (Except for that time I made a kind of raffle, but that's another story)

    Are you selling any of your work?

    Yes, I have an Etsy store, also I make work under commission. If there's anything you like please contact me by email.

    Any other suggestions?

    Yes, go to Starbucks and order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Then do a little dance.